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The Yoga Barn Ubud



The moment I met Jo,  
her embodied radiance, openness and power -
I knew something special would manifest from our relating.
And it did.
Jo became one of the most potent ingredients on the One Yoga Teacher Training that I offer at The Yoga Barn.
The students were blown away.
She truly initiated a deep transformative process, that took our training to the next level.
All 21 of my female students worked with Jo after the training, many of them had several consultations.
Now to put that into perspective, I have had other guest teachers, and usually only one or two follow up consults ensue.
I can't recommend her more highly , whether one wants private consultation or you are considering bringing Jo into leading groups or joining a teaching faculty. 
I can confidently and very enthusiastically say anyone who has the grace of a session with Her gift is an initiation into and guidance through a transformative process of self discovery and self empowerment. 
I very enthusiastically look forward to collaborating with her again.
Thank You Jo for the gifts you are bringing forth. 
Tanya Kaps
the yogabarn

Maria Flacque

  Costa Rica


Denise Diesling



Penny Schultze

Gold Coast Australia

Sarah Steinbeck

   Oregon USA

Words cannot express my level of gratitude and respect.
A heartfelt feminine Goddess - Thankyou!
I am in awe of your ability and honour the work that you do.
So much emotion and a deep level of appreciation for everything you have supported
me with over the past 5 day intensive clearing, grounding and guidance
to find me, the person within my heart, I know I am meant to be.
I thank you for your honesty, openness, integrity and "fuck thats"!!
You are a Goddess and I am eternally grateful.
Just don't think you will be getting rid of me just yet.
I would appreciate your support and guidance as I transition further.
Sarah xxx

Sarah Shaw 



I am so grateful for Jo's help and guidance!
We had several sacred union sessions in Bali, focusing on changing the type of man I attract.
Since then I have done my homework with writing letters, meditating etc.
So I just wanted to give a quick update!

I have met a great guy who is treating me like a queen!

He is my age, but very mature and caring.

I feel we are very open and honest with each other, we have a lot of understanding and support for each other too.

It's a very different type of man than I would have attracted before!






                     Thank you Jo!

                  Much love,


Natalya Sobolevskaya



 Sacred Union Assistant Aimee

UK and Thailand


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