May 29, 2019

January 19, 2018

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August 12, 2019

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Morning Ritual for Guidance

July 15, 2019




It's been a tad crae-crae energetically these past few weeks and months.
Bloody Eclipses! Regardless of what astrology is influencing us,
we are being shown clearly where we are not serving ourselves and others. 

Its time to be both honest and brave.
Honest about where we are at and what's simply not working for us anymore. Brave enough to let go by simply accepting the purpose of our outdated myths, attachments and family rules.

Letting go may create discomfort but it's so worth it.
Remember, yielding is a feminine superpower and an empowered choice not a weakness. 

We are not linear, my friends, we are cyclic, so be gentle but courageous.

We learn by our misgivings, we let in the new, we create, we get excited, we forget and fuck up again, we beat ourselves up for not reaching some unrealistic standard of 'perfection', hopefully we forgive ourselves, we rest and recoup (this is spiritual GOLD), we dream again and another cycle ensues.

And of course all this happens while we are working, raising a family or a puppy or a garden, evolving a business, supporting clients, standing at petrol stations pumping bloody gasoline into our cars and paying bills.

It's called life.

My devotion is to the light that wants to move through YOU while you are living your everydaylife - to the song yet unsung in your heart, to the yearning to say what you need to and to stand for what you know to be TRUE in your heart, hips and hell yeah!

I'm your Soul Sister, Fairy Godmother, Kali Coach and High Priestess, 
Sacred Union Mentor and I'm your greatest fan.

So live and grow through your cycles - it's a gift not a curse. There is nothing wrong with you. You don't need fixing, you simply need loving! And guess where that's gotta start?

In honor of our cyclic nature and the wisdom of our hearts, I want to share a simple morning ritual.
May it nourish your nervous system and feed your gorgeous heart.

upon waking



close your eyes again
the day can wait.

breathe again
bring your hands to your heart
say a prayer of gratitude

allow your whole body to relax
start with the back of your body 
sink down into the bed and beyond to the earth below you
your earth
feel the support below you
relax your buttocks and pelvis
let go of tension though your jaw
belly breathe

bring your breathe up to your chest
breathe up though your belly , solar plexus, ribs to your heart
bring your full attention to your heart energy centre in the middle of your chest
say hi!
let it speak to you
ask what it needs
agree to support your hearts needs.

spend as much time as you need resting.

make an agreement to check in with your heart daily. 
ACT on its guidance during your day.



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