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January 19, 2018

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August 12, 2019

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Five Easy Steps To Practical Magic.

November 18, 2018


Practical spirituality isn't just about rocking up to yoga class once a week in our Lululemons and having a latte with the girls afterwards. It runs much deeper and weaves its way into our minute by minute choices, as and when we are ready.


As we move more deeply into daily spiritual practices, what becomes significant is how we balance our inner and outer worlds - how we show devotion to our souls intelligence through daily physical action. This is practical magic.


SOMETIMES that may mean doing nothing but waiting....

Western women aren't great at that one - educated to believe that constant busyness is the only way to prove our worth. The truth is thats Utter Bollocks and denying our innate feminine wisdom.


Sometimes it may mean we have a lot to do. In Bali we say "Pelan Pelan" - slowly and gently. No need to run ourselves ragged. Rest intermittently. Nothing is worth loosing connection with our inner wise woman.


We are cyclic. Shit changes, including our energy levels, needs and impulses.


So here's five ways to support practical magic in our day to day world.


Step One.

Accept our humanness and cyclic nature.

Spirituality is a choice and yes we get distracted in our heads, leave our bodies, get reactive, eat sweets and drink wine, go little crae-crae but sometimes thats exactly what we need to create balance.

So avoid beating ourselves up for having the things we actually want - if its in reasonable amounts it might be just what our body, mind and soul actually need in that moment. 

That includes sleep and conscious rest (not feet up at the telly chill but aware embodies breathing and body practices to nourish you when you most deny its value.


If however, its an addiction used to suppress feelings and taking responsibility; then take a look at "Women Food and God" Geneen Roth. It'll blow your mind.



Step Two

When we judge others we judge ourselves.

Ahaha.. yup. You know what I'm talking about. She's got her own stuff to deal with so stay in our own lane and take responsibility when someone else is triggering something in moi. It could be just the gift of reflection we need to acknowledge long running outdated beliefs that just don't cut the mustard anymore.



Step Three

Do the practices. Cultivate Trust.

Yup easy to say but sometimes very difficult to do...

If you've gone off track with your practices then forgive yourself - self support - ground back into your body.

Find time to lie down, breathe, put your hands gently on your body and check in. Move if that's what you need.

Ask what you need right now AND FORGIVE YOURSELF for getting distracted. It's ok.

Put in your cosmic order but make it with clarity, confidence and few words. Feel it through your body as you speak it. This is how the feminine manifests.

We are actually not doing this on our own.



Step Four

In our meditations invite our masculine and feminine to the kitchen table for a cuppa.

Our inner feminine and masculine need each other to communicate and collaborate if we are to live an aligned and abundant life that has real meaning for us.

Allow them both to express what they need. Listen, Breathe. Respond.

Allow them to acknowledge the other.

We may be surprised at what they both really need. 

This is where magic can happen.



Step Five

Dance regularly. Laugh often. Reach out to a friend. Be present in nature at least once a week.

Get our mind out of the drivers seat every day and Fill up - your feminine nature firstly needs to feel and secondly feel connected to the natural rhythm and cycles of life so she can open, relax and intuit before taking actions again.

Beats banging your head and pushing when life is asking you to back off, wait, receive, rest and ask.



Remember life is rich and we are beautiful and supported by forces larger than ourselves so celebrate our cyclic nature often. Get back in our delicious bodies, especially our hips, heart and breath everyday. This is practical magic. Have a little boogie around our office or lounge room - even on the toughest of days we can remind ourselves that everything is ok and that somehow, even though we may not understand why, practical magic is at work.



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