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January 19, 2018

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I Slept with Him and I Knew I Shouldn't Have!

August 12, 2019

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Quench our inner Witch, Sex Siren and Queen.

March 25, 2017


Burns us like witches


I'm an ex- corporate marketer. My job, years ago, was to sell skincare and luxury goods to women aged 25 - 55years old. What we really sold was an unrealistic version of feminine beauty.

We pedalled  impossible dreams to an unrequited market of women who could never look like the adolescent models on our advertising campaigns. The model shots were photoshopped to perfection. No one looked like that - not even the models themselves.


The skincare industry is still feeding on our womanly insecurities and disillusionment. The illusion burns our feminine. It casts us out of our own self love and approval, magnifying our self doubt and self worth.

It burns us alive - we will never look like that - the lie burns us like witches all over again. Burns our bumps, our cellulite, our crooked smiles and swaying swelling hips.


But we can reclaim, one breath at a time, who we are; what we want and what we have to give.


So I suggest detoxing off negative imagery around feminine beauty, especially mags and online forums that don't make you feel inspired.


Slave to Queendom


For me, I turned to modern mysticism through doing restorative and hatha yoga, meditation, hanging out in nature, training with spiritual teachers, mystics and modern thought leaders, doing rituals each week/month/year and re-learning how to breath.


I re-discovered the true beauty we all possess as women.


Sex Siren and Queen


​I created this Sacred Union Blog and service to support women wanting to arrive back home in our femininity.


Sacred Union supports both women and their men by addressing the ever changing internal and external masculine and feminine dynamic.


Sacred Union is for women who want intimacy and mind-blowing sex but who find love and sex lacking when not returned as given.

I share the energy science facts and sexual anatomy on how men and women are wired differently and how that impacts our relationships.



I LOVE talking about and teaching how to Love our Dark Feminine.


An advocate of transforming our sexuality into sacred beauty, I instruct on why and how to channel our sacred sexual energy.


Honouring rather than suppressing our creative birth right for better sex, intimacy, heightened wellness, spiritual fulfilment and success.


It's for women who:


are too tired and frustrated to fight change

want to learn when to use their masculine mojo rather than it using them

want to understand the WHY behind their unconscious drive

crave a higher calibre feminine life

don't know how to move feminine energy through their body

are smart enough to know it's time to do things differently

get confused between friendship and love and sex with a man

want to learn more about how to be with a man

loving enough to forgive and move forward

crazy enough to go back for more in love

sometimes feel disconnected from their body and sensuality

lack faith and trust in the natural process of change

want to open to change but don't know where to start

want to get laid but don't want to be energetically mauled

seek connection to spirit through their body and breath and energy

have chosen a spiritual path and need guidance

crave a conscious nurturing dynamic within themselves and with their man.




I teach tools and exercises, offer courses, workshops and presentations on how to:


articulate what you need and want.


get clear about what you are prepared to offer in your intimate dynamic.

 create safer, more honourable, juicier connection with yourself and your man.

 fully express your true sacred sensuality.

release the feeling that you are doing it all on your own.

identify the different types of inner masculine and feminine you inhabit.

clearly notice when you are inhabiting your inner-bloke.

discern when to utilise your inner man and your feminine.

attract the qualitites of a conscious man instead of a boy.


experience a more spiritually fulfilling relationship.


accept that life, spirituality and your man are not business transactions. 



From an evolutionary point of view - 

the planet needs more powerfully balanced feminine women rather than unwell, unrequitted, competitive females behaving like men.


So join me in a new movement to OWN our inner Witch, our Sexual Siren and our potent Queen. Be the Femme Creatrix of our own life.


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