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August 12, 2019

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Balinese High Priest Water Blessings

July 6, 2016




On the shores of Kalimantan Bali I was privileged to be blessed by a High Priest at a water temple. It was an amazingly purifying experience.


Not all of us have access to Balinese High Priest Blessings and Agni Hotra's so here are some suggestions for cutting energetic ties


Detoxing usually conjurs up images of green kale smoothies oozing like lava over a large sundae glass or well seasoned denims and old files flying out your door. 


Our more subtle energy body also needs a good clean out as we become more tuned into our spiritual intelligence. The chakric system has approximately 121 centres above, through, below and around the physical body. The primary 7 centres are attached through our endocrine glands to our physical being but they also connect us to other layers of energy. Cutting old energetic ties can release clear past relationships and release blocked energy, particularly in the emotional causal body which sits a few centimetres beyond our skin.


One of the best ways is to settle and centre yourself in meditation before energy clearing. Say for example you wanted to release a past lover.

Give your self a good 5 - 15 minutes to slow your mind and arrive into your body and breath fully in seated stillness. Pay particular attention to your pelvis, spine and breath.

Draw a circle of light around your body.

When you feel ready imagine that person in front of you. Feel, see or hear them. Notice where you feel the connection between you. It may be in the sexual centre or perhaps the heart. Take the etheric cord that binds you together and cut it with an imaginary blade. Repeat if there are other areas affected until you feel released. Then ask for a light to shine down through you to clear and cleanse any remaining fragments. 

If the bonds are quite resistant to release then ask for the help of a practitioner.


Regular clearing is particularly important for wellness and healing practitioners after working with emotional or heavily traumatised clients.


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