one on one sessions

 Yoga Barn

and International Womens Embodiment Teacher

Tina Nance speaks about Jo's wisdom and professional support both personally and in her faculty of teachers.

  • Jo guides you back to trusting your own knowing.

  • Through the pathway of subtle energy work, Jo clears; prepares and consolidates your field, chakras, lineage hang up's and alignment with your soul job on the planet.

  • She supports you compassionately yet decisively, so you can breathe into who you really are, releasing outdated stories around who you need to be for others.

  • Learn practical tools to return in your body to your soul's wisdom. 

  • Use ancient tools for healthy and fulfilled everyday life.

  •  She shows you how to relax and listen to your own body wisdom.

  • And leaves you with tools and empowered choice about receiving more to enjoy an abundant fulfilling life.

potent one on one time with Jo to address your service as a feminine leader ,

as a woman

and as an energy savvy

change maker.

what is sacred union

between our

feminine and masculine?

and what does it have to do with energy,

our sex life and leadership?


In our busy world and minds -


knowing the right balance and boundaries



pushing to get stuff done and being receptive and intuitive can be fun!

Women in leadership roles don't need to struggle.  Returning and opening to receive in our feminine after striving and working in their masculine.


 Our culture reveries mythical uber- busy women

who double as sexy sirens and super mums.

It's even tougher and sometimes downright scary to be intimate and real with someone we care about when we are so disconnected with our own needs.


Sacred Union is the re-orientation of the feminine and masculine within us.

Our "get up and go" (our masculine) and our "lets wait and sense" (our witchy intuition).

Change is afoot -  the white witch within us all is being called -

to the bedroom, boardroom and beyond.

Jo holds the sacred feminine flame to remind us of how and why it informs our everyday lives.




Live Life in your Body not just your Head:


When a woman is embodied SHE:

Sees, feels and sense

through a 360 degree periphery view of the world

whilst staying grounded and centred in her own body and being.

She can't help anyone else unless she's in her own skin first.


She Knows

when to listen, trust, release and respond to her intuition.

understands that sometimes she needs to empty and not know whats next.

navigates her life and business through both: 

the timelessness and possibilities of the feminine 

the linear father time structure.

Attracts an abundance

of support, resources, people, money and

opportunities through her grounded receptivity. 

Responds to cycles, seasons and changes smoothly both internally and externally.


Responds to her immediate needs first.

Asks for her needs to be met by others clearly and kindly.

Leads with the courage to be clear, honest and compassionate with both herself and others through example.

Expresses her sensuality and sexuality with ease and grace.

Includes rather than excludes.

Collaborates rather than competes.




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