couple sessions

Sacred Union offers sessions to men and couples who :

are brave enough to want to continue understanding themselves and their partner.


Couple Connect Sessions are designed to provide couples with new tools and new ways to be with each other through non verbal somatic exercises based on thousands of years of eastern practices made contemporary.

The sessions are clothed and confidential.



learn how to:

have better non verbal conversations using your awareness of your breath and body and the simplicity of being present with each other.


be with her.

understand each others experiences by taking a step back

open her fully with love, focus and presence.

understand and hold grounded attention in her changability.

give him permission to see you vulnerable.

explore your own balance between your active directed  and your sensual, intuitive nature.

explore how your masculine meets and challenges his masculine in your relationship.

give yourself permission to surrender into your feminine regularly, giving him permission to stand in his deep masculine presence and heart.

open and cultivate sensual and sexual energy with and through your connection with your partner.

" thank you, thank you, thank you for our sessions from the bottom of our hearts - the most connected experience we've ever had.

The connected/integrated breath kiss is simply DIVINE, so relaxing and full of knowing. 


Pure energy has taken over our physical connection. It's difficult to explain, but easy to enjoy. Much love and uber amounts of gratitude Jo.

This couple work is simple and amazing "

Michael and Nicolette

Lyon France

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