sacred union mentor

" I inspire, educate and support women globally to live, love and work

from the inside out

through deeper physical and

subtle body practices and awareness".


Jo teaches how to

relax, receive and release through

our physical and energy bodies 

for an abundant and fulfilling life.

"  the world is lucky to have jo brown.."                               dr. libby


















Why work with Jo?

Its time to own who you really are.

Not some crowd-pleaser version of you but the raw, honest, gifted, courageous, beautiful, flawed YOU!

 What to Expect working with Jo

Grounded practical help with your physical body through 

your energetic awareness.

Grounded practical application of healing modalities including intuitive body and soul reading, energy body and field clearing, protection and refinement.

Spiritual counsel for everyday living including the re-orientation of your inner intuitive with your go-getter.

Subtle Body Medicine Skills to empower you in your life choices.

The re-orientation of your motivations and goals to align with who you are.

Support with both physical and energetic sexual transgressions.

Honest soulful advice about whats really going on.

Practical takeaway tools for everyday embodyed life.

Recommended Reading and Listening and Learning resources.

When do you know its right to work with Jo?



When you are not embodied in your feminine SHE:

betrays your own knowing

make decisions based on what other people will think of you

often feel stressed, overwhelmed and reactive

avoid landing fully in her your body, especially your pelvis.

crave more sensuality and intimacy

yearn to express more freely and creatively

yearn to be seen and heard

deny yourself of consistent self-care rituals

may be exhausted but cannot deeply rest

nurtures others at your own expense

wants to create change in the world but don't know how

feels disconnected from the natural world and your own rhythms and cycles


Shifting regularly back into your feminine feeds every aspect of your life, even your business..

You can actually achieve more by opening to possibilities that your head

simply couldn't figure out or create.

 Landing in your female receptivity and transparency heightens your awareness to the unseen

potency of energy available through and around you for manifesting your souls desire.

Even energetically savvy women sometimes need guidance with

receiving, managing and refining your spiritual intelligence.


 Body image and sexuality or often taboo subjects that you may find challenging to deal with because of past experiences and the shame that binds.

Your body is actually a temple - a source to greater fulfillment and pleasure.

Jo supports you with these issues with you in a professional, confidential manner. Her depth of experience and honesty facilitates you moving forward with your life rather than replaying the past.

You may have a history of poor boundaries and thus opening too soon in intimacy; resist opening in fear of being hurt again or judged as "imperfect" 

or remain confused about your relationships.

Healing energetic or physical sexual transgressions clears your body, energy field and

lineage to allow new possibilities in. 

















with  Jo  BROWN:
  Women Witches Sex and Love
   " jo's work is fun and inspiring!  "
megan gale
fashion business owner

May 29, 2019

January 19, 2018

June 23, 2016

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